Create Data Warehouse extract tables from SQL Server source system

I have often found that I needed a quick script for giving me CREATE TABLE statements for each table in a source system database, so I could create these tables in my extract schema in my Data Warehouse. This can be done using SQL Server Management Studio, but I found that I would then have to edit each statement to remove keys, indexes, identity columns, and everything else that I rarely want in my extract tables.
Having not being able to find one, I wrote my own, and though I’d share it here. The following script writes a CREATE TABLE statement for each table in a SQL Server source database, so I can use them for creating extract tables in a data warehouse.

DECLARE @ExtractSchema NVARCHAR(100) = 'Extract'
SELECT 'CREATE TABLE [' + @ExtractSchema + '].['
      + SCHEMA_NAME (t.schema_id)
      + '_' + + '] (' + LEFT(cols .column_list, LEN(cols .column_list) - 1) + ')'
FROM sys.tables t
CROSS APPLY (SELECT '[' + c .name + '] ' + UPPER(ty .name)
                    + CASE WHEN IN ('decimal', 'numeric') THEN
                              '(' + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(10), c.precision)
                              + ', '
                              + CONVERT (NVARCHAR(10), c.scale)
                              + ')'
                      WHEN = 'float' THEN
                         '(' + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(10), c.precision ) + ')'
                      WHEN IN ('datetime2', 'datetimeoffset', 'time') THEN
                         '(' + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(10), c.scale) + ')'
                      WHEN IN ('char', 'nchar', 'varchar', 'nvarchar') THEN
                         '(' + CASE WHEN c.max_length = - 1
                                   THEN 'MAX'
                                   ELSE CAST (c.max_length AS NVARCHAR(10))
                              END + ')'
                      ELSE ''
                    + CASE WHEN c.is_nullable = 0 THEN ' NOT'
                      ELSE ''
                    + ' NULL, '
               FROM sys.columns c
               INNER JOIN sys.types ty
               ON c.user_type_id = ty.user_type_id
               WHERE t.object_id = c.object_id
               ORDER BY c.column_id
               FOR XML PATH('')
      ) cols (column_list)
Create Data Warehouse extract tables from SQL Server source system

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